Saturday, March 10, 2012

Casting Call: Anjung Second Season

Since this K-Drama will been picked up for another season.
It's time to deal with the shake up of the cast.

Many of this years favorites have left the ROK 
in search of a new story line, and a few more are soon to go. 
The new cast has started trickling in but it's still too soon to tell

Who will join the ensemble?
Who will play a supporting roll?
Who will be the extras?

Rolling, Open auditions are currently being conducted.
 Applicants must have:
Snarky sense of humor
 Willingness for adventure
 Rabid self-awareness
Willingness to mock and be mocked
World food obsession 
Solid sense of self 
Abiding love of soju
 That "special" something extra
The list may seem daunting, but there has to be 
chemistry, commitment, continuity
or the show falls apart.
And nobody wants a mid-season cancellation. 

Finger crossed this isn't a live reenactment of
"Saved by The Bell: The New Class"

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