Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Exhaustion's Bitch

Exhaustion eats away at a person.
It erodes the heart.
Time is laid waste,
and life is just a fog.

Exhaustion is the enemy of joy,
and the villain of love.

I want to more of it,
yet is often slips in uninvited.
Wrecking havoc all the things
that I cherish and I adore.

I wasn't ment for striving,
nor was conditioned for wanting.
It seems that all I'm truly good at
is living a silent and simply life.

In my life,
exhaustion has worn out its welcome,
and I wish to be its bitch no more.

(ps All errors have been preserved in honor of said exhaustion.)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fishing for Fun

The drama need a fresh new set for winter,
so we went in search of a new back drop.
We searched out the furthest winter festival we could find
and headed north to the mountains.

We looked in the river.

We looked on the pond.
We looked in the trees.
We found it with ATVs on ice.
There might not be much I'm sure about in life,
but I'm sure about ATV's on ice.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Revolution

Pyeongtaek Lake New Years Celebration

When the sun rose above Pyeongtaek lake,
life looked much different than seasons past.
During the 2011 season I was just trying to breathe,
In 2012 I worked on moving forward,
and in 2013 all time was lost. 
Now, in 2014 I have come full circle
and caught our tail.

The Harri-bou-bou and Diego Burrito
now share the marque
and I must figure how
what that means for my character.
Will this be a rom-com?
A drama?
A tragedy?
It's never really clear,
but it's most certainly worth watching.

What I do know is that,
as leading men go,
I'm certain I nailed the casting.