Monday, January 23, 2012

When You Least Expect It

Little did I know that the decision to recoup 
and use the lobby internet 
would turn into a delightful adventure.

While dizzily updating my Facebook
I was surprised when a man and woman
asked me if I was alone.

I said, "Yes."
They said, "Would you like to join us for lunch?"
Deciding on honesty I said, "Well, I have no money for lunch."
They laughed and said, "Ah, don't worry.  Join us."

And so since I was in no position to have pride, 
I said, "Thank you so much.  I would love too."

So we went for noodles and saki...

Which turned into laughter,
which turned into a delightful hike...





It seems my luck had changed with wind and a prayer...

After which shared a sashimi snack before heading to rest.
Or in my case, watch some Sumo wrestling...

After a little recovery time,
we headed off to dinner.
A warm, charming family restaurant just behind the hotel.

My new friends, who had begun to feel more like family,
had met the owners two years before and it had become 
their home away from home.  A place they came to
forget stress and to be in the moment.

Our welcome was warm and filled with hugs,
and our night was filled with endless food, 
and saki that ran like a river to the sea.

We used what we had:

and 3 languages -

to share our lives,
our laughter,
our night.




Eventually it was closing time,
but that was no time for goodbye.

Instead we wandered out in the night,
in search of Karoke...

And I am once again reminded,
that just because you don't have an umbrella,
and life is cloudy, with a chance of rain -
don't give up, go home or hide.

Because sometimes,
when you least expect it,
life rains joy instead of sorrow.


When I woke I broke my 26 hour fast 
with delight. Raw egg?  Sure, let's do that.


After that I packed my lunch and dinner.

The headed out so make the most of what energy.
Japan was out there waiting to be explored.





and then it became to much to stand...