Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dongtan /Suwon Skatepark

If it makes him happy, 
it can't be that bad.
The Harri-bou loves this park.
This is near Dongtan near Suwon.

Harri-bou-bou's Favorite Place is



Additional Locations Nearish Pyeongtaek:

Feel the burn

We found a lovely new hiking area 
about 20 minutes from Songtan.
Although we didn't get far
before the old man gave up.
Next time I look forward to delving
into the forest beyond.
This trail is also dog friendly.

Best Entrance, Plenty of Parking
[네이버 지도] 
경기도 화성시 양감면 요당리 산 95-1 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Green Tea Party Gets My Vote

Since moving to Korea I've been eyeing the Boseong green tea fields,
but they were soooo far away.
*whimper* whine * wollow *

So when I was offered a seat in a van headed south,
I took the chance and ran with it.

We were schooled in the art of the tea ceremony.

Followed winding rivers.

Made our own green tea stuffed pillow.

Played traditional games.

Picked our own tea leaves for home.
Learned to spin thread from grass.
Drank A LOT of free tea.

Watched how tea was sorted, roasted, and rolled.

And generally basked in the stunning beauty.

Big thanks to my lovely driver, and dear friend, Nicole.
You made it a wonderful adventure.
Learn more about at at Discover Korea.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Two if by Sea

Our annual first day day at the beach.
Because we have been here so long we have traditions now.
Yeonpo Beach in Taean never disappoints.

If you are interested in staying near the beach on the cheap,
in the Korean beach vacation style,
here are some of the places you can stay.

Pointless Walk in The Woods

Roads and trails are wasted
if you only follow them on sunny days.
You miss half their stories
and all of their heart.