Thursday, April 30, 2015

Zen hike

We were totally going to Costco,
but then we saw a road through the mountains.

[네이버 지도]
충청남도 아산시 영인면 신봉리 97

2015 Road Trip 1: Surprises

2015 ROAD TRIP 1

As often happens during the first weekend 
out of the gate from language crazy town,
things did not go as planned.

missed turn + possessed navigation + traffic + car sick baby =
a hike through a mountain fortress

We were more than happy with this diversion
because we never would have found this wonder
if we hadn't needed to take give everyone a little break.
It turns out there is nearly nothing online about it,
and there wasn't any English on the signs either.

Here is what we did find out about it:

Other fortresses to visit:

Saturday, April 25, 2015

One more time for kicks

Of course I failed,
but at least I showed up.
Level 5, one more time.

Friday, April 10, 2015

5 P-Taek Weekend Trips

1. Hiking at Mt. Songnisnan

Bus: Weekend trip
Car: Day trip

When you just want blue sky 
and fresh mountain air, 
without a lot of people and craziness,
go here.  

Actually, just go here.
It's only a few hours drive
and it's STUNNING.

2. Swimming at Mallipo Beach (Taean-gun)

Train: Weekend trip
Car: Day trip

This are is one of our favorite places to go. 
There are actually may beaches in this area,
but this is the easiest and fastest to find.
We go here twice a month and it never gets old.

3. Hiking Gyejokson. (Daejeon)

Train: Day trip
Car: Day trip

Sometimes we are just lazy,
and we went an easy hike 
with lots of places to rest.

That's when we head to Gyejokson.
This path actually has varying levels of difficulty.
Sometimes we go over the mountain,
sometimes we go around the mountain.
Sometimes we just sit and do nothing,
eat ramen and go home.
You really can't get to wrong.

4. Paragliding (Various locations)

Train: Day trip
Car: Day trip

What else do I need to say,
you get to go run off of mountains
and float about, then drink so beers.
What are you waiting for?
It must be done.

5. Swimming at Daecheon beach (Daecheon Coast)

Train: Day trip 
Car: Day trip

If you are going by train you can just go to Daecheon beach.
It's very well developed because of Muddiest and most folks love it.
However, if you like something more quiet, go a few beaches further south.
Quiet, family oriented.  Great price on sashimi.  Delightful.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Essay Writing Help

You write

Korean Study Tools: Writing/Essays

 So you are dying?
Korean (or any language) is kicking your butt 
and you need more help NOW!

The best thing I have found for essays is Lang8.
This website crowd sources corrections.
You get lots of feedback in a clear organized way, fast.
There is nothing better. 
As Nike says,
Just Do It!

(because you know, it's free)


Get to the Point

The Gallery Cafe - Songtan
Pyeongtaek Coffee

This cup.
Do I need to say more?
Well, actually I do.

The space is small,
and it's personal.
The owner is an artist,
and his work is good,
really good.

Then there are the chairs and tables.
Well, just go there.
It's great.

If you you want to hold the most satisfying espresso of you life.
It's across from go to the main strip in front of Osan AFB.
Turn at the ugly ass gargoyles.
The cafe is in the ally across from Philadelphia Hoggies.
It's called something like Gallery Cafe.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

5 Fun Things To Do In Pyeongtaek

River Walk

UPDATE: All current blogging for area recommendations has moved to:
 South of Seoul or

Ode to Pyeongtaek Life

Let's be honest,
at first glance, 
Pyeongtaek might seem
 kind of lame.

However, if you live here for a while,
and you don't always go away on the weekends,
you will learn
it's actually magical.

Here are five of fun summer favorites

Afternoon laziness at Soho Cafe & Gallery:

Hiking in the mountains:

BBQ's at Pyeongtaek Lake
There are actually lots of lakes for you to visit, but Pyeongtaek Lake is the most known and has the widest variety of services.

Farm-to-Table Dining
One of the great parts about living here is that it's the center of Korea's Organic farming (and agriculture in general).  There are many restaurants located in the countryside that focus on farm-to-table traditional cooking.  The food is outstanding and worth the trip into the unknown.

Hell'a Golf
Yah, I know this isn't everyone's thing, but if it is you are in the right place.  There are at least a dozen golf courses of varying styles and types around Pyeongtaek or neighboring areas, along with an endless number of driving ranges.  In fact, there are so many we don't even know where to begin.  This summer we will do more shopping around and put together a more detailed list, but just know - Golf is everywhere around Pyeongtaek.

Lake Hills Public Golf Course

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Busting their Chops

Pyeongtaek Restaurants

Where to Go: Braii Republic Anjeong-ri 

We never really thought anything like this would come to our area, but here it is, our South African BBQ dreams come true. Not only that, maybe the best lamb pie of my life.  These guys don't pretend and they don't compromise.  You will be blown away.  Don't wait. Go eat this... every week.

Where: Near Camp Humphrys.  You can take the 20 bus from Pyeongtaek. Find the on Facebook at Braii Republic Pyeongtaek for a more detailed map. 

Comfort Sandwiches

Pyeongtaek Restaurants
That we love

Where to Go: Philadelphia Hoagies in Songtan 

No weirdness, just real Philly Hoagies on homemade bread. We loved the beef pastrami, cheese steak, and the roast beef.  Fries also delicious.

Pro Tip: Order the cheesesteak with hot peppers.

Address: Just off the strip, turn at the ugly ass gargoyles.