Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hidden Mountains

Harri-bou before coffee...
Harri-bou after coffee.
Usually, when the weekends hit in summer I'm off to the races.
Running from here to there for hiking and oceans.

However, I've started to realize
that I have all this in my own backyard.
This weekend we went hiking 
about 30 minutes outside Pyeongtaek
in the hills behind Soho (my favorite coffee shop).

Just off the road
behind a mountain rest stop
is a labyrinth of magnificent hiking trails
that can be as hard or easy as you chose.

Jeju men randomly hanging out in the mountains.

There really is no better way to spend a lazy holiday
than wandering through the mountain flowers
on a warm Friday afternoon.

So don't always run away.
Stay home sometimes
and take a little time
to smell the mountain roses.

How To Get Here:

If you don't have a car, get some folks to go with you and split the taxi.
It will be about 18,000 won.  Totally 100% worth it.


대한민국 경기도 안성시 양성면 동항리 창진산장휴게소

By Bus:

Suggested routes

  1. 2 hours 11 mins

    May 18, 2013, 5:47am - 7:58am
  2. 2 hours 4 mins

    May 18, 2013, 5:54am - 7:58am

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help me some.....
I can not find the map.It is hard to me find the location being a foreigner ....