Sunday, June 23, 2013

KIIP Korean Language Classes

So, it's started and it's not half bad.
Every Sunday for 8-9 hours I will study Korean
via the KIIP program offered by the Korean government. 

These classes are free.

Yes, that's right.  
If you take the KIIP program intro test,
you can learn Korean for free from fantastic instructors.

Here is what it looks like when you log in after you take your exam:

As you can see I'm in Beginner 2. 
Now, don't let the term beginner trick you here.
Beginner 2 is taught entirely in Korean.
It means you are functional in the language,
but not able to do many advanced things.

After you find your level, they give you a list of places
offering up the courses you need 
on different schedules
in different locations.

I chose the 9 hours every Sunday class.

The students and the teachers are all very nice.
The only language we have in common is Korean
so you must talk and listen or it's going to be pretty tough.
Right now, I'm studying with
two Chinese men and a Vietnamese woman
which has meant the insides scoop on great food.

Finally I know where to get amazing Pho.

That isn't the only perk 
to studying with people from many countries.
In the past, it's been too easy for me to wuss out 
and just fill in the holes with English.
In these classes I've gotta stick to my guns.
It's Korean or nothing.

Of course, the biggest benefit 
to completing this language program
is that it gives you all 15 or more language points
for your F-2-7 points visa.

Yah, that's right. 
If you go all the way through this program
and pass the language test,
no TOPIK exam results needed.
Go straight to 15 or more points.


Anonymous said...

According to the May 2013 F2-7 visa points scale, completing all four levels of KIIP is 16 points. You wrote 15. I am confused.

You Are Here said...

Well, I said "15 or more points". I had heard it might be more than 15 points now, but it was all just rumor and I didn't follow up to be sure. That's why I posted "or more". Since you got your information from the 2013 points scale I'm betting you are the one who is right :p So, thanks for clarifying.

I think it would be great to have my F2-7 when this is over, but I just enjoy taking the free language and culture classes, so I haven't worried too much about the outcome.

Daniel said...

Have you started level three yet?

You Are Here said...

Hi Daniel. I have not started level three yet. I will be headed right into that as long as I pass my Level 2 (Which is actually Level 3 of 6) exam this coming Sunday.

After that it is one to Level 3 (which is actually level 4 for 6). Right now I don't know what the schedule is for upcoming classes either. I have my fingers crossed that I will find something that works.

Anonymous said...

How did you do? I have my level two exam on Friday...

Daniel said...

How did you do on your exam? I have my level two exam on Friday...

You Are Here said...

We are still waiting on our results. I think we will know online next Saturday. The exam itself was in two parts. The written test was not extremely difficult, but it wasn't extremely easy. Basically, read and study the culture sections of your book very well. We only had 15 minutes to complete it. There were two pages of reading comprehension questions so go through the first two pages as quickly as you can.

After that we were interviewed by our teacher and the person administering the test. They asked us to read a paragraph of text and answer some questions about it. It wasn't difficult. It was about the weather in one country v. the weather in Korea.

After that they asked us some personal questions about our hobbies and where we wanted to live. That kind of thing.

Personally, even though the test was not that hard, I have a boarder line phobia of speaking Korean during tests - so it's kind of if-y on if I passed that part. Was it easy? Yes. Did I totally sandbag myself because of nerves? Yes. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Good luck on your exam. I'd love to have you leave a comment about what the test was like for you. What was hard, what was scary, and how you did. I'm trying to provide more commentary on these classes so folks know what to expect and will take them more often.

Daniel said...

Well, I took my exam on Friday morning. It was 20 questions (3.5 pts a piece) and 5 oral questions (6 pts a piece). I needed 60 points in order to pass. Over all, it was a bit easier than I expected, especially the oral sections. I passed and start level three (if you count all 6 levels, this would be level 4) on the 23rd.

You Are Here said...

It's a great feeling to have passed isn't it :) We are half way through!!!

You were much better about making notes about what was on the test than I was. Thank you for the details. I'd say the exam is not that difficult, but it really does test your comprehension. You need to truly understand what is happening.

I'm starting Level 4 (same one as you) on the 15th. Not sure if you know Memrise, but I will be creating a study system there if you are interested in using it as well. It's an excellent way to study grammar and vocabulary. I'll also be doing my best to create a cheat sheet study blog with whatever additional lessons I can find online. I will post a link to both once I get them going.

Daniel said...

Not all that familiar with memrise, but it looks interesting... Anything to help... If you have an email I can use or a way to send messages other than posting, I will send you the links I find for the grammar points also...

You Are Here said...

Yes, please do forward what you find to lanaewoods(at) :) Look forward to it. Started classes today. It wasn't so bad. Putting together the cheat sheet from day one this time.

You Are Here said...

Here is the cheat sheet for KIIP level 3

Anonymous said...

Its nice to hear that we don't have to give any TOPIK for point 15 (F-2 visa processing. But I want to know how will this class be(months) ?