Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sprechen sie deutsche?

My spur of the moment decision to head to German Village couldn't have been more perfect.  
Oktoberfest (독일마을 옥토버페스) was just the taste of home that I needed. 
It brought back many memories for me,
and it made me miss my family a great deal.

There was something special about seeing the culture from which my family came
mixed with the culture which I have recently adopted.
A weird kind of connecting the dots.

We have arrived at 독일마을 옥토버페스.
So many things I love all in one place.  It feels like family.
Can't wipe the smile off my face.
New friends make it all the more fun.
The German/Korean Music was awesome.
Everyone was in the spirit.
Even taking it to the stage.

The awesomeness was almost more then I could handle.
Steins were raised and songs were sung.
I even pretended to drink beer :p

No festival is complete without a clown on stilts.
Of course we didn't just celebrate Germans, we celebrated everyone with dance styles from all over.
With beers, comes excellent posing.
Even the pets came along for the ride.
Last year they sold over 30,000 German sausages.
Beer was shipped from Germany just for the occasion.
The only real complaint, is that they could have used more of these.

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