Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Serendipity Do Da Day... Hurray for Namhae!!!

 As is so often the case for me,
especially on holiday,
I woke up with no idea what I should do.

After asking some nuns,
who said I should just stay where I was,
I remembered that I wasn't far from the German Village I'd always wanted to visit.

So I got out google and plotted a course.
From start to finish.
The trip from 증도  to 남해군 (Namhae)  was filled with little bits of magic.

It turned out to be harder then the average trip but luckily 
I've taken the time to learn enough Korean 
to make this kind of things possible in a pinch.

Folks didn't seem to know how to get across the southern part of the country,
so I made it up as I went.
Thankfully, everything worked out great.
The best part being, I made new friends along the way 
who informed me it was OKTOBERFEST!!!

However, the first stop was a stunning little beach town on the very southern part of Namhae.
It's nice to know that quiet places like this exist so near the mainland.
This makes running away during typhoon season so much easier.

There is so much to do here. 
I'll have to come back when I'm not so fixated on beers and brats.
You know... right after I take my last sea swim of the year.

It just felt like adventure from the moment I woke up.
The minbak/pension was a easy going delight.
Textures take my breath away.
Breakfast of champions.
Instead of beach front mega hotels, they have a garlic farm.
Like many beaches in Korea, they leave a smart tree line to help with storms. 

The beach gave us nothing to complain about.
How can it be October and still perfect for a swim?
The smallest and cutest of my new friends.
Oktoberfest + Great new friends = Certain Fun

With any luck.The guest stars in this weeks drama,will become series regulars as this season continues on.

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