Sunday, January 16, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Over the years I've done a lot of crazy things without a safety net.
Usually when I take off to a foreign country I have
No plan
No place to stay
No job

This time around it's all different.
There is a job and home waiting for me.

Now, I'm not delusional and I don't expect the information provided 
to me about my new home to be remotely accurate.
However, my new employers did provide these photos.

Let's discuss.

Futon Time!
The first thing I notice is that it comfortable sleeps four.
This means - visitors gladly welcome.  

Start booking those tickets now.

The second thing I wonder is, "What's behind those mystery doors?"
Cluttered, but cozy. I can work with this.

Well, this answers the question about those doors.  It's the laundry / porch.
It also looks like there is plenty of space to store the little I will have

Wet Wet Wet
 Ok, so I actually think this photo is bigger then the actual bathroom.
The good news is the North Face Oval I use to live in 
didn't have a bathroom at all so - this looks good to me.

Two things I especially love:
1. The entire bathroom doubles as the shower.
2. There is a Woman's Korean Bathhouse in the same 
building so if I really want to be clean I can go there.

I do have one question though, 
 "How do you keep the toilet paper from getting wet?"

Do clothes really belong in the kitchen?
  Check out the sweet kitchen.  
(Please ignore teacher Shirley's mess.
Me thinks she isn't big into the culinary arts.)

You will notice that most Korean's don't have ovens. 
I'm not worried.  
Mom and I used to back without an oven all the time.  
All I need is a cardboard box, some tinfoil and a hot plate.  
The rest is easy.

Plus, this kitchen is - literally - the same size as the one in our home growing up.

"Home Sweet Home" in cow print needs to be above that door.
I'm considering the fact there is an entry way AND a dining area a bonus.
Check out the cute little shoe area by the door.  Love it.

So there is the tour "in theory".

After I arrive I'll post a new blog with "real time" photos 
and we can see how it all compares...

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