Saturday, January 15, 2011

Live'n the Rock & Roll lifestyle

Never thought I would be living the Rock & Roll lifestyle.

Nae-nae & Harri-bou living the transit lifestyle
Never went to a big stadium concert.
Didn't follow popular bands.
Couldn't pick a Rolling Stones song out of a line up.
Ok, not that I really had anything against it.
I just didn't have anything in common with it.
Rock & Roll was a noise I was vaguely aware of,
like a distant memory you can't quite put your finger on. 

So, when Rock & Roll knocked at our door - I was leery of the unknown.
 Especially as The Rebeqa become more and more involved in the scene.

Kristin Ward, Gary Westlake, Paul Passereli, Mike McCready, Rebeqa & Andrew McKeag
Like a wary chaperon, I watched.
Watched her laugh, learn and be inspired
by their hard work and dedication.
Watched them help those who can't help themselves.
Watched them love their children and their wives.
Watched them uplift and inspire their fans.
Watched them care for their community.
Watched them protect each other.

Mike McCready, Paul Passereli & Rebeqa Rivers
 Thanks so their kindness, I've been to a big giant stadium concert

Pearl Jam @ Key Arena
and our family has been welcomed "backstage".

Harry Rock'n his LxL t-shirt
and we got to present emerging Seattle artists in Miami & Monaco

La Familia Artists @ Arte Monaco
La Familia Artists @ Aqua Art Miami
and we learned about bands we'd never heard of

Delivering vocal training CD's to my sister.
But to be honest, I'm not really into hanging with Rockstars 
for the music or the backstage passes.

Nope, I'm just here for the Rock & Roll lifestyle of...
hard work
lifelong friends
and the love of family.

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