Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trading Spaces

Once again, I've been traded to a new team.
In the past few months,
the work load at my former school doubled.
It was exhausting.
Teacher's were ending up in the hospital weekly.
Being old and cranky,
I let my boss know things had to change.

Two weeks later she let me know I'd been traded to a new school.

My New Boss
 Now, one might think that I was being punished with this news,
but the truth is my last employer went out and found the perfect job for me.
She listened to what I needed
(something she couldn't provide)
and placed me perfectly.

My new landlord.

At my new school I'm the only native English teacher.
They love me.
I'm their investment.
They go out of their way to make me smile.

Shopping for my new home.
It's a whole new world,
where my boss and her sister
spend the night at my house,
communicating in broken English,
that they want me to be truly happy.

My welcome basket.
I'm extremely grateful for my new job.
Instead of 9.5 hours a day I work 5.
There are no more Saturdays,
no more late night meetings. 
Welcome home drinks

Now I have the time that I need
to write
to study
to live.
Late night party so I'm not lonely.
Second dinner, because I need to eat more after my giant welcome dinner.
Who knows if this job will stay so lovely,
who knows what troubles will come my way,
but for now I'm so happy to slow down
and feel the days as they happen around me.

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