Monday, January 31, 2011

Nae-Nae is as Nae-Nae does

Someone who comes across this blog might wonder what The Nae-Nae does.  

In the past I've done a lot of things, but these days I'm primarily an Independent Business Consultant.  Which is a lot like being an International Man of Mystery... except, you know, a woman.

You aren't, however, going to hear a lot about my day job in this blog because, well, that's not what this blog is about.  Instead, this blog is about the various hobbies I have outside of my work. Such as:
  • Travel
  • Writing
  • Food
  • Play
  • Love
  • Teaching
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Conceptual Art
  • Languages
  • Family
Yes, that is what I said - those are my hobbies.  The things I fill my day with when I'm not working with my consulting clients.  If you would like to hear me talk about such sexy things as:
  • Balance sheets
  • Demographics
  • Market analysis
  • Bottom line
  • Staffing
Then you have my permission to Google stalk me and find my consulting company where we can talk business... during business days... during business hours.

As I tell my clients, "Life is all about the boundaries."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taking the time to smell the salt water.

 Mexico wasn't my first love, but it is a true love.
A latte on a perfect Salyulita evening.
No matter how many times I come here I never stop 
wanting just a little bit more of it's consuming color.
My favorite eatery across the street from the airport
It's especially special because every trip I've ever taken to Mexico has included The Rebeqa.

Lately we've had the opportunity to visit even more regularly 
as more and more of our clients are US citizens living abroad.

This time around I'm taking a little more time to look at the ocean,
a little extra time to smell the salt water.

Watching the sunset in Puerto Vallarta
Of course, I'm doing all this while editing the most rock'n
new video for The Rebeqa's song "Suicide by Annie".

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Over the years I've done a lot of crazy things without a safety net.
Usually when I take off to a foreign country I have
No plan
No place to stay
No job

This time around it's all different.
There is a job and home waiting for me.

Now, I'm not delusional and I don't expect the information provided 
to me about my new home to be remotely accurate.
However, my new employers did provide these photos.

Let's discuss.

Futon Time!
The first thing I notice is that it comfortable sleeps four.
This means - visitors gladly welcome.  

Start booking those tickets now.

The second thing I wonder is, "What's behind those mystery doors?"
Cluttered, but cozy. I can work with this.

Well, this answers the question about those doors.  It's the laundry / porch.
It also looks like there is plenty of space to store the little I will have

Wet Wet Wet
 Ok, so I actually think this photo is bigger then the actual bathroom.
The good news is the North Face Oval I use to live in 
didn't have a bathroom at all so - this looks good to me.

Two things I especially love:
1. The entire bathroom doubles as the shower.
2. There is a Woman's Korean Bathhouse in the same 
building so if I really want to be clean I can go there.

I do have one question though, 
 "How do you keep the toilet paper from getting wet?"

Do clothes really belong in the kitchen?
  Check out the sweet kitchen.  
(Please ignore teacher Shirley's mess.
Me thinks she isn't big into the culinary arts.)

You will notice that most Korean's don't have ovens. 
I'm not worried.  
Mom and I used to back without an oven all the time.  
All I need is a cardboard box, some tinfoil and a hot plate.  
The rest is easy.

Plus, this kitchen is - literally - the same size as the one in our home growing up.

"Home Sweet Home" in cow print needs to be above that door.
I'm considering the fact there is an entry way AND a dining area a bonus.
Check out the cute little shoe area by the door.  Love it.

So there is the tour "in theory".

After I arrive I'll post a new blog with "real time" photos 
and we can see how it all compares...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Live'n the Rock & Roll lifestyle

Never thought I would be living the Rock & Roll lifestyle.

Nae-nae & Harri-bou living the transit lifestyle
Never went to a big stadium concert.
Didn't follow popular bands.
Couldn't pick a Rolling Stones song out of a line up.
Ok, not that I really had anything against it.
I just didn't have anything in common with it.
Rock & Roll was a noise I was vaguely aware of,
like a distant memory you can't quite put your finger on. 

So, when Rock & Roll knocked at our door - I was leery of the unknown.
 Especially as The Rebeqa become more and more involved in the scene.

Kristin Ward, Gary Westlake, Paul Passereli, Mike McCready, Rebeqa & Andrew McKeag
Like a wary chaperon, I watched.
Watched her laugh, learn and be inspired
by their hard work and dedication.
Watched them help those who can't help themselves.
Watched them love their children and their wives.
Watched them uplift and inspire their fans.
Watched them care for their community.
Watched them protect each other.

Mike McCready, Paul Passereli & Rebeqa Rivers
 Thanks so their kindness, I've been to a big giant stadium concert

Pearl Jam @ Key Arena
and our family has been welcomed "backstage".

Harry Rock'n his LxL t-shirt
and we got to present emerging Seattle artists in Miami & Monaco

La Familia Artists @ Arte Monaco
La Familia Artists @ Aqua Art Miami
and we learned about bands we'd never heard of

Delivering vocal training CD's to my sister.
But to be honest, I'm not really into hanging with Rockstars 
for the music or the backstage passes.

Nope, I'm just here for the Rock & Roll lifestyle of...
hard work
lifelong friends
and the love of family.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Words Have Actual Meaning

For the next year I'll be digging deep into this thing we call language.  
Attacking the beast from two sides - the known and the unknown.  
A situation that reminds me that what the Teddy Bear said is true, 
"Words have actual meaning."  

So when I say, "I'm leaving."
I am saying so much more then I ever knew, or ever intended.

Definition of LEAVE

transitive verb
a (1) : bequeath, devise <left a fortune to his son> (2) : to have remaining after one's death <leaves a widow and two children> b : to cause to remain as a trace or aftereffect <oil leaves a stain> <the wound left an ugly scar>
a : to cause or allow to be or remain in a specified condition <leave the door open> <his manner left me cold> b : to fail to include or take along <left the notes at home> <the movie leaves a lot out> c : to have as a remainder <4 from 7 leaves 3> d : to permit to be or remain subject to another's action or control <just leave everything to me> e : let f : to cause or allow to be or remain available <leave room for expansion> <left myself an out>
a : to go away from : depart <leave the room> b : desert, abandon <left his wife> c : to terminate association with : withdraw from <left school before graduation>
: to put, deposit, or deliver before or in the process of departing <I left a package for you> <leave a message>
and yet - if I were to say, "I'll stay"
it becomes even more complicated.

Definition of Stay

1 <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="stay pronunciation" /></a> [stey] Show IPA ,verb, stayed or staid, stay·ing, noun
–verb (used without object)
1. to spend some time in a place, in a situation, with a person or group, etc.: He stayed in the army forten years.
2. to continue to be as specified, as to condition or state: to stay clean.
3. to hold out or endure, as in a contest or task (fol. by with  or at ): Please stay with the project as longas you can.
4. to keep up, as with a competitor (fol. by with ).
5. Poker . to continue in a hand by matching an ante, bet, or raise.
6. to stop or halt.
7. to pause or wait, as for a moment, before proceeding or continuing; linger or tarry.
8. Archaic . to cease or desist.
9. Archaic . to stand firm.
–verb (used with object)
10. to stop or halt.
11. to hold back, detain, or restrain, as from going further.
12. to suspend or delay (actions, proceedings, etc.).
13. to appease or satisfy temporarily the cravings of (the stomach, appetite, etc.).
14. to remain through or during (a period of time): We stayed two days in San Francisco.
15. to remain to the end of; remain beyond (usually fol. by out ).
16. Archaic . to await.
17. the act of stopping or being stopped.
18. a stop, halt, or pause; a standstill.
19. a sojourn or temporary residence: a week's stay in Miami.
20. Law . a stoppage or arrest of action; suspension of a judicial proceeding: The governor granted a stay of execution.
21. Informal . staying power; endurance.

22. stay the course, to persevere; endure to completion.

Sadly, after I'm done deliberating between "leave" and "stay"
after I carefully choose the meaning
after I craft my intent
after I say those words to you - to them - to us

each ear will redefine
each eye will see anew
because although words have actual meaning
it's a meaning that's relative to the heart that hears it
on the day it hears it
from whose lips it hears it

That is why I would prefer to keep it simple
and just stay here silently
sipping my coffee and loving you until I have to leave.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a Revival, It's a Resolution

My 2011 Resolution:
Breathe In 
Breathe Out
Repeat 10,541,200 times

This year is all about resuscitation.  
 *insert preferred motivational blabber here.*