Friday, December 26, 2014

India Highlight: Kung Fu Fighting

Remember, that time 
the man from Tennessee
went to India
to teach Kung Fu?

It all started when a bored Lanae-nae decided
to play with skyscanner on her phone
and super cheep tickets to India popped up.

She said lazily to the Harri-bou-bou, "Hey, wanna go to India?"
He said, "If it's Kolkata I know some Kung Fu folks near there."

Since the Lanae-nae can never turn down the chance
to travel to a strange land for a strange reason,
 it was decided:

India for Christmas and New Years

Five weeks later they are in Northern India
and the Harri-bou-bou is giving pointers
in Wing Chun to two lovely university students.

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