Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ketchup On Your Chores

Tonight I went out with some girlfriends
to see a late showing of Les Mis.
Rolling Into the house around midnight,
I was hungry so I threw together some
artichoke bolognese pasta
to cure the rumbling tum-tum.

Of course, that gave me a little
time to kill, so I pulled out the ketchup
and started polishing the silver...

This is why you don't leave your silver unattended.
No this is not a weird dream sequence,
it's just Thursday night.

I turned the every few minutes to get a full soak.
I know what you're thinking,
"Why are you using ketchup?"

Ok, let's be honest,
you're also thinking,
"Why are you making bolognese at midnight?"
"Why are you carry silver around the world?"
Since these questions are trickier to explain,
I'm going to stick to the ketchup 
as the weirdest part so... 
Tomatoes plus oxygen eat metal.
Which why you should never leave them in a can
or metal pot in the fridge, and why they say cook 
tomato sauce with non-metallic spoons.
Ketchup is a smooth tomato paste.
It rubs on easy and I use it to also
create a polishing bath
which takes some of the work out of the process.   

My poor babies need a lot of love.
I still need to do the last bit for work 
to really make them shine,
but they are well on their way to recovery.

So remember,
next time the silver in our backpack 
is looking a little drab
just ask the natives for some ketchup.

  (keep in mind, ketchup cleans all metals.
So if you have antique things 
or old crusty metal fixtures, 
this is a safe cleaning agent to try.) 

As for me,    
this summer I'll be enjoying
my morning espresso on the roof
with jam and crumpets.
Just because I live abroad,
is no reason to live like a savage. 

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