Friday, March 16, 2012

All Quiet on Set

In the first season, you will remember
 the main character of My Drama spent a lot of time alone.  

This year, however, the set has been re-designed
to make room for all the new plot lines.
Check out the hot new photos!

Siting Room / Dining Room/ Library
 Sofa by:   Road Side Trash
Chairs and Table by:  Ben's Kindness & Harry's Brawn
Bookshelf by: Apartment Recycling

Bedroom / Guest Bed / Lounge / Office / Entertainment Center
Mirror by:   Road Side Trash
Giant Gator by:  Rebeqa
Wall Memory Garden by: A Great Life
Books by: The Best Cousins Ever
Garden / TV Room / Project Area

Dressing Room / Gym / Brewing Area
 Everything is now in it's place and ready for action.
It's already proved to be more conducive to:
Build-Your-Own-Mandu parties
Creating and consuming home brews
Curio gardening (name per Landino)
Law school crisis management
Just because the space is small 
doesn't mean your life has too be!

(Not pictured: Kitchen, Entry, Walk-in closet, pantry, storage, reading area, laundry)

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