Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Something Fishy

UPDATE: All current blogging for area recommendations has moved to:
 South of Seoul or

To Eat: Sashimi

Holy 음식 Batman!
This is our idea of heaven.
When we have a bit more money to spend
and want eat too much sushi, we go here.
Although it's more expensive than something things,
it blows our mind how much we get for our money.

This is for serious sashimi lovers only.
It's also only for groups,
although we eat 4 servings between 2 people.
Either way, prepare to eat until you want to die.

See more pictures here: Korean Food Blog

It's on the same street as Monkey Papa.
However, instead of left at Port of Mocha, go right.
The address below is not really great and maybe you can't understand the Naver Map.  Hopefully the Monkey Papa and Port of Mocha help you find it.

Name: Japanese Restaurant 우전

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