Sunday, July 26, 2015

Falling In Love Again

For over three years I have been hoping to find this place again, but never had the time to go drive through the varies hills and valleys looking for it.  However, with more rest and time on my hands, this weekend I was able to quickly find it based on what I remembered from my first visit: on a dead end road, in a small valley, next to a Shell station, 10 minutes from my old job, relatively no signage.

How do I describe this place?
Movies aren't even this dreamy.
This is where you go if you love books and poetry 
and like to write stories in your head.

the food
the scenery
the sound of the breeze through the rice

It's like they were written in a fairy tale
that you have interrupted. 

Name: 사랑채, 
Address: 경기도 평택시 도일동 346, 

If you decide to step into this dream,
try not to break it by remembering a few things:
  1. The restaurant is in the back of a home, respect the area.
  2. They don't speak English
  3. 6 people max. Not for big groups.
  4. Quiet atmosphere, don't be too noisy.
  5. They accept cash or checks.

The menu:

Barley Bibimpap 

Tofu, mushroom soup in fish broth (pictured above) 
4 people 35,000
3 people 25,000
2 people 20,000

Mung Bean Pancake

Soybean Pancake

Chicken and Potato Stew 토종 닭도리탕
4 people 40,000

Smothered Chicken Stew 토종 찜 닭
4 people 40,000

Stewed Chicken 토종 옷닭 백숙
4 people 45,000

Stew (I think chicken) with a tree 토종 엄나무 백숙
4 people 45,000



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