Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Pirate Looks At 40, Surfing South Korea in Malipo

When the Harri-bou-bou turned 
30 we spent the day on the half-pipe.
When he turned 40 he took up surfing.

The instructor was born in Korea, and raised in Hawaii.
If are living in Seoul and want to give it a try,

head south west to Taean.
You will find a man raised in Hawaii,
who lives for the waves,
who can teach you 
to hang ten on Mallipo Beach.
(ps After two seasons the Maui instructor has moved on,
but surfing continues to grow in popularity here. 2015 edit)

Harry, doing his thing.

My pirate looks at 40.

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jimmy said...

Surfing South Korea
I live in Korea, surfed all my life, living in Australia, Hawaii, West and East Coast U.S. I've surfed other places as well. Korea is the lease surf-friendly place I've known. Problem is .. the authorities (and there are plenty of them from lifeguards to police to some guy who just appoints himself the "keeper of the sea") all seem to have an aversion to anyone entering the water when there are waves. Everytime I have gone out in the East Sea (Sea of Japan)
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