Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It seemed appropriate to start with the mending.

A process that starts with sorting, identifying and evaluating broken objects 
to determine if what's worth reviving, archiving or recycling.   
It's not a simply or easy process.  
Many things have been loved beyond repair.  
Other items could be easily fixed, but you ask yourself, 
"Do I really want this around since it never really worked anyway?"  

Of course, you also find those special items that seemed a lost cost, 
but after looking closer, you find it's not so bad after all.  
A little thread, a little love and all is good as new. 
It's just about putting in the effort. 

So here I am. 

Sorting.  Reviewing.  Itemizing.  Clarifying

Today I choose the tangible so I can wrap myself in the warmth of tasks completed 
and draw strength from knowing things mended can be stronger then things unbroken.

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