Monday, July 27, 2015

All You Can Eat

Pyeongtaek: To Eat
Vietnamese Shabu Shabu

One of the first meals I really fell in love with in the Pyeongtaek area was a fusion Vietnamese shabu shabu.  The best place I have been for this so far has been in Anjung-eup which is in the western part of Pyeongtaek.  

Last night, however, we ended up at one of these restaurants on the edges of Pyeongtaek City that took the whole thing to the next level because it was all you can eat beef, pork, and veggies.  It was possibly the best choice you could make for a large group of hungry, thirsty people.  It's one of the few meals that everyone can be happy with.  All spicy or unusual flavors can be completely avoided or totally embraced, you get to choose.  If you love meat, you can just eat meat.  If you love veggies, you can just eat veggies.  If you like spicy, dump on the sauces. 

It's simple, healthy, and filling.

Is this THE BEST Vietnamese Shabu Shabu fusion I've had? 
No, because it's not as great as Anjung-eups. 

Is it it the best I've had in Pyeongtaek City? 
Yes, because it's all the veggies I want and a good quality of meat.

From what I could tell there were options ranging from 9,000 - 26,000\ depending on if you also wanted to order additional seafood items (seafood not all you can eat).  Since I wasn't paying, I have no idea what our meal cost per person.  If I would guess, it was the 9,000\ option, but I have no idea.

As usual, the restaurant had private rooms to facilitate large groups of people.

Name: 월남 쌈 김상사

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