Sunday, June 30, 2013

Where are the Western people?

The KIIP program is awesome,
at least it is in Osan where I study on Sundays.

I love the instructor,
the lessons are excellent,
and the schedule is perfect for a person with a job.

My only question is this,
"Where are all the Western people?"
In fact, since I first showed up for my KIIP exam
 I've been asking this question.

The KIIP is a completely FREE
language and culture program 
with classes across the country 
designed for migrants with work schedules.
Yes, that's right 
just because you are a foreigner!

However, based on what I read on posts and threads,
and the fact I have not yet met 
a native English speaker in the program,
it seems the vast majority of Westerners are 
too cool for free education.

Yes, it took me a little while to get here as well,
but I'm hoping I can make it easier 
for others to take this leap.
These classes aren't just for folks looking for their F-2,
they're an amazing opportunity
to learn about the world.

They help you feel part of something bigger.
You meet expats from so may places,
doing all kinds of things.

Taking the KIIP classes
has given me a far deeper appreciation
for my life in the opportunities I've been given.
It has given me perspective and opened my eyes
to the depth of the expat community here,
which runs far deeper 
than a few transient, English teachers.

This is one of those amazing, 
once in a lifetime opportunities, 
and I'm so thankful I didn't let it pass.

Yes, you might be the only
white person
black person
tall person
blonde person
young person
old person
English person
Canadian person
US person
Australian person
that shows up for class.

Yes, you might not be able 
to get really drunk for a while
because you need to get up in the morning.

Yes, it might be scary to take the first exam.

Yes, you might do terrible on it 
because you don't know Korean.

Yes, it's going to be scary.

Yes, it's totally worth.




Unknown said...

Hello, I am interested in taking these free classes - would you mind giving me some details on how I can get started? Also, I have only really learned to read so far, is the KIIP program appropriate for such a beginner level?

Unknown said...

Hello,I know this a late comment on your posts. I went to register for a pre test and after login I go to click for application and a message in Hanguel says basically, Subject is not Social Integration Program Application. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a certain time I can not register for a pre test? Thank you for any help.

You Are Here said...

Hi Shaun, Since the next pre-test is coming up in the spring it's possible registration may not be open just yet. However, what I recommend doing is going to one of the immigrant centers (not necessarily immigration center, but immigrant center)nearest to you. They are very helpful in letting you know what you need to do. Generally they will take care of the registration for you if you are struggling.

You Are Here said...

@katie How did I miss your comment? ㅠㅠ Oh they guilt! But yes, for anyone that reads this years later. KIIP is an amazing program for beginners.