Sunday, November 4, 2012

Baby Gunna Knock You Out

Boxing has deep but complicated roots in South Korea.
I've been interested in it's existence since learning 
it's one of the fastest growing female sports here.

Thanks to the group Come Together Korea
I met a US teacher and boxing instructor 
and took him up on his invitation 
to watch a demo match at a gym in his area.
It wasn't girls fighting, but it was still fun.

The little guys made it look fun.

It was an interestingly violent and civil experience.

There was calmness to the room.
I had not expected.

The bigger guys made it look really painful.

Mixed with the sounds of heavy blows
and labored breathing.

A studious intensity mixed with some amusement
lived on the faces of all those who watched in near silence.

I am a little in love with his blue hair.

Hopefully next time I can visit a female boxing gym...

You can learn more about Korean boxing here:

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