Friday, March 30, 2012

Study Buddies

Learning Korean in Korea is not as easy as one would think:
  • There aren't a lot of classes & tutors.
  • Work schedules get in the way of classes that do exist.
  • Korean's want to speak English with you.
  • Korean isn't supposed to be spoken in classrooms.
  • Most foreigners don't aren't learning Korean so you don't have study buddies.

So I've had to tie back into home roots.
Pull myself together,
and teach myself.

Pulling from a the following resources I've managed to build a language plan:
  • Foreigners studying at Universities.
  • Co-teachers and students.
  • iPhone apps of all shapes and sizes.
  • Old text books from former teachers.
  • Free classes near my town and in Seoul.
  • LiveMocha  whenever I have a minute.
  • Designing my own study plans
As always, coffee shops provide the place  to pull all these different threads together.

As always, 
the struggle has been worth it.
Each week I accomplish something new.
Each week everything around me becomes easier.
Each week my experience in Korea grows more dynamic.


Ono said...

I agree with you! Learning Korean in Korea is so difficult. Many people are surprised that my Korean ability is quite poor despite the fact that I've been living here for 4 years.

You Are Here said...

No matter how hard I study I never make the progress that I'm hoping for. Since this post I've learned so much, but I still feel the same way.