Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reflections On Solitude


For many -
Korea is 

They don't understand
that these things 
are not to be pitied.
They are glorious
they are beautiful.

They do not know
what it takes,
to build something
from nothing.

They have not slept 
on the floors.
Nor carried their 
groceries home
on their backs.

They do not know 
what it takes
to stare at the empty land
and see a future
for their children.

It offends me.

To watch hard work mocked.
To hear dignity laughed at.
To see sacrifice reviled.

By those whose
hands and minds are soft
and fragile like snow.

It is an insult

Korea reflects my life
and each insult
is an insult
to me.

It is why
I travel

I need the space
to love freely
these things
that built me.