Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vacation Stage One: time with strangers

Finally, I have my very own weekend adjuma pants!
This is what happens when you 
talk to strangers at rural Jimjilbongs.
You end up with a little bit of magic.  

That's right,
during last weeks Jimjilbong visit 
a man invited us on a weekend mini break.
It sounds like it could be sorted, 
but it was totally on the up-and-up.

So I told Harry he had to go.
It was one of the best decisions.
Everyone was just lovely,
and we even got to spend an afternoon 
on an uninhabited island fishing.

The is an epic start to the summer holiday.

Loading on the ferry to 난지도.

Cabin Beach.
It smelled so lovely inside.
A little luck.
The kids head to the beach.

We head out on an adventure.
That is the face of anticipation. 
Our destination.
And then they left us there.
Time to get our fishing on.
Hanging out with the island locals.
Harry & Kenny keeping the lines wet.
Nothing but rocks and water.
A new man.
Dinner time.
He can't get enough.
Waking up for day two
The men had breakfast covered.
Every culture has the kids table.
Breakfast of champions
Fresh off the island yesterday.
Study time.
One of our crew finally caught a few little fish :) (it wasn't Harry)
All good things must end.
We didn't even get to play on the beach.
A new, more relaxed Harry emerges.
Headed to the ferry, all the kids in our car.
Waiting for the ferry.
A little last minute fishing.
There they are.
He doesn't really want to go home.
Goodbye 난지도.
Our wonderful weekend hosts.  Thank you.

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