Saturday, January 19, 2013

Talk to Me, PLEASE!!!

Alright, so we all know that I'm 
"all up ons" learning Korean.

However, what you might now know is that,
despite wicked reading and writing skills,
my listening comprehension was jack-squat 
until I discovered 
 It changed my life in a matter of weeks. 

If this was an infomercial 
I would be screaming at you emphatically 
and telling you to pick up the phone now.
I'd be wearing a gorilla suite and 
rambling about deals, deals, deals.
This is the only language learning tool
where I think it's worth far more than I paid.

when I recently lost my phone
and the application was asking me to buy
all the content over again for my new phone,

Except that when I clicked "buy"
it said I already owned it 
and wouldn't let me buy it again
- or download it. 

I tried everyday for weeks on end. 
To be honest, 
crying seemed like an option.
I was so bummed.

Finally, I bit the bullet.
I emailed them for help.
But we all know how that goes, right?


I wrote them on Saturday night
and heard back immediately from a real person.
I was shocked, and well, verklempt.

They asked a few questions,
I sent a few answers and BAM!
They fixed the problem.

ALL of my purchases were restored!!!
it was the best customer service 
I have had with an app purchase.

Honestly, run, don't walk
to your smart phone and get this app.
It improves your listening,
reading, pronunciation, grammar -
ok, it helps with everything.
I think it might even cleanly cut a tomato 
after sawing through a soda can,
it's that good.

In fact,
I find it more useful than an actual instructor 
when pared with
which I also have on my smart phone.

To top it off, 
they have amazing customer service.

Here is how the app works:
Each week you download a Vocab list for $1.99
Each day you focus on a new word.
Each word builds into complex sentences.

Each sentence is broken down into all it's parts.

In Summary:
The app is awesome.
$1.99 is nothing.
Learning is everything
Get your Super Audiobook app today.


Anonymous said...

Saw this from Talk To Me in Korean's facebook wall. Good to see you really like their Super Audiobook. However, you're essentially doing a little promotion / review of their product. I know you said this wasn't an informerical, but maybe you could a bit? haha, I think most importantly, for anyone who reads this, it would be nice to hear your explanation on how it works, along with those screen shots.

After all, you said it really helped your listening comprehension, so I would be interested in hearing how! How much audio in it, how were you using it to improve your listening?

You Are Here said...

Well, not sure folks want to see a video of me sitting around drinking coffee in my underpants listening to things over and over reading my hand phone... which is how I use it.

I also use it while I'm riding the bus (another super glamorous time of day). Basically, instead of checking Facebook I look, listen repeat... then check Facebook while listening and repeating...

It's awesome because I can sneak learning into all the small parts of my day that would have been wasted. Doesn't make a very exciting infomercial... or does it?