Sunday, January 20, 2013

Holy Tahini Batman

Ready for the oven.
 Tahini, if you can find it,
is terribly expensive in Korea.
So, it seemed the right time to make my own.

As I have mentioned,
I'm interested in sustainable recipes.
So I adjust everything 
for affordable local ingredients.
There is nothing more affordable 
 - and available in Korea -
than sesame seeds. 

I know just where to turn for help
You might make a little bit of a mess.
You can count on Dede for 
It's good, old Mediterranean home cooking.
Which is what I am always looking for,
food that tastes like my family.

I used a small bullet mixer that you can find for 30,000w.  It took longer but it worked just fine.
Note, it's going to be dark when you mix it unless you add enough water and oil. Don't panic.

 Of course, you don't really know if it's good
until you put it in something.

So I made baba ganoush.
This is Korea 
so we have to make adjustments.

1) You roast it at 200 Celsius
2) You will have to use Japanese eggplant. 
3) You will want to use at least 4 small eggplants. 
4) You might have to use lemon from a bottle.

I buy mine at the market.  They are super affordable.
My little babies looking good.  I roasted them a bit too long.
The magic.
The result was easy to make perfection.
You don't have to live without in Korea,
and you don't have to have it shipped in.

Everything I used 
was from the local market.

You can make healthy, delicious, authentic
Mediterranean food with local ingredients.
So stop bitch'n and get in the kitch'n. 

Here is the fantastic Dede 
showing you how it's done.

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