Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year: A Fresh New Drama

For the last two years I've shared my Drama.
The ups, the downs and the in-betweens.
But the truth is, 
I've never really been into one woman shows.

So, this year 
I'm happy to start bringing you 
more stories from women
who took a chance,
ran away
and started over.
These aren't stories of finding your bliss.
They are stories about the guts as much as the glory.
Because these women are tough enough 
to want more from life then stretchy pants
and talking endlessly about their feelings.

They want adventure.
They want stories of their own.
They want the good with the bad.
They are chasing their tales,
and sharing what they've learned along the way.

Together we will share:
 our experiences
our solutions
our questions
our confusion
our clarity
our choices
our fears
and whatever comes along.
Which brings us to  Jessie's Drama.
We met years ago when she was my barista in Seattle.
She always had a smile and a brightness to her 
that just didn't fit in.
While the other hipsters were 
going no where slowly,
she talked of dreams and goals.
We join this Drama already in progress 
 in Kuala Lumpur

Living large in KL
"The idea of traveling and living aboard has always called to me; especially to do those things in Southeast Asia. Home never felt like home, and the more I traveled and returned, the more I wanted to travel and never return.
At times I’ve found this lifestyle lonely and have felt alienated. I’ve also been blessed with powerful cosmic connections of love. A few years ago, back in Seattle, I felt the most alienated. I had just sold the entirety of my belongings, got rid of my downtown apartment, was working two jobs and sleeping on my brother’s floor. My friends couldn’t’ understand why I’d do this. How could a one way ticket to Bangkok and a dream be my deepest desire and goal? No one understood why I was leaving and entering the unknown.

Now, that I’m living my life the way I intended to live, I still face this problem. The idea of my lifestyle feels a bit strange. I live in Malaysia but I often travel between northern Thailand and Singapore. That massive stretch of land has been my home for years now. Even though I’m situated in the heart of Southeast Asia, I still want to pack up my bags and leave. Travelers curse.

When I met my future husband, I was traveling. I was in KL to make arrangements to trek through Indonesia. Love bit me hard on the ass and I returned to KL after a couple months. I had to make something very clear from the start. First and foremost, I’m a traveler. Second, I’m too stubborn and independent for my own good.

Now, I love traveling with Ali. He’s the greatest travel partner but this doesn’t mean I’ll ever lose the feeling of being alone and getting lost in the world. I warned him to marry a settled girl, but he’s also stubborn and insisted on me. I can’t complain though. He’s one of the few people who understands and is willing to stand by my side, even if that means I’m not there. Since I left Seattle, I hardly speak with anyone. But those are the ones who don’t understand this life.

But really, what the heck is this lifestyle? I’m traveling but living at the same time. I’m not an expat, either. What sort of criteria do I fall into? Or is this just an ongoing battle of an internal feeling.

I saw a similar question on Facebook from Lanae. I know Lanae from Seattle. She owned an art gallery next door to the coffee shop I managed. I never knew she felt the same way as I did until we were both out of the country and living in Asia.

We started talking and asking questions." - Jessie

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eye-shuh said...

I love hearing about your life now Jessie! Every time I see something from you it just seems to fit. You were made to live free. You make me want to go on an adventure too!