Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Enemy Will Be My Friend

There was no midnight.
No sunset and no sunrise.
There was no beginning or end.
2012 simply became 2013
somewhere over the sea
smack dab between
between what was and is me.

Somehow it seemed fitting
that no line was drawn between my past and present.

I spent my Dragon year
connecting the dots
and following them like
stepping stones.
I moved as carefully as I could,
always forward but not always smoothly.
That's how I found my solid ground.

Now we walk in the year of the snake.
The animal of which I am most afraid.
It's the year of mending two lives,
bringing together what was with what is.

The plan remains simple,
this year I will let the snake coil around me.
I'll hold still and let it mend the past to the present
so that there is no beginning or end.

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