Thursday, January 17, 2013

Japan-easy Lunches

Pyeongtaek Restaurants
We Love

My family is something I have built,
not something I was born with.
The hardest part of living in Korea
 is missing this homemade family.

So, as you may have noticed, 
the way I handle all these missing
parts of me is with food.
It all ties together in my drama.

Which is why I end up in Pyeongtaek 
eating Japanese comfort food more often than naught.
Seeing, as missing Paula and Aimee
can be considered one of my hobbies.

The place I drown my sorrows
in udon is near Del Vino,
near the bus stop.

Even if you aren't desperately missing
your Japanese family.  
The food there is what you need
for chasing away the winter cold,
and of far better quality than most lunch spots.

Come on.
Who doesn't love a lunch that's
 quick and Japan-easy.

ps They don't speak English here 
and nothing is really in English  
There are lots of pictures to point at,
so you should be just fine.

If you want to get your Del Vino and Japanese,
Do this:
Step 1
Look out from AK Plaza.  
Take the road that goes to the right of This phone shop.
Step 2
Turn right on the street before
system G.

Step 3
Take the soft left at Mr. Pizza.

It's at the intersection on the right.
Now, to get to the Japanese lunch,
just turn around and go the other way, 
it will be on your left just past the bus stop

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