Saturday, July 20, 2013

If Heaven Was a Jimjilbong

We took the path less traveled
and found it led to a magic Jimjilbong
of brown huts and hot coals.

The smell of smoke and clay
washed away our cares
as we lounged beneath
beneath the summer sky.

It was, 
in a word,

경기 평택시 포승읍 홍원리 266-85

Hidden Rachel.

A fire pit for cooking sweet potatoes.
Large out door shaded sleeping areas.

Wooden pillows.
A room with a view.
Heated rooms with stone floors.  They cost  little extra.

Cinderella's slippers
This is how they heat the rooms. Not the best summer job.
Iced green tea is perfect for an afternoon in the sun.
When it's all over, duck inside for a delicious lunch or dinner.
We are in love with this place.

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