Monday, January 23, 2012

Food is for the Weak

So now I'm in Japan for three days...

and I discover that I can neither exchange my money
or access my money at the ATM.

This might be the island of 
Japanese and Korean friendship,
but that stops at currency.

I wandered all over town and a saw many wonderful things, 
but there was no money.  
KB would have none of it.

Then I was struck with an idea.
Harry has access to the US accounts.
He is awake and sends me his card info.
The man at the hotel 
-where the customs agent made me a reservation-
helped me create a Japanese travel account
so that I could book the hotel online - with breakfast!!!!

So now I know I will not die, 
just only eat once ever 24 hours.

I celebrate by going for a walk,

For a while I considered stealing oranges,
but they were not ripe and I've made that mistake before...

There is nothing to eat in their gardens.

I stand and dream in front of restaurants.

But the beauty feeds me in it's own way.

Eventually I realize it's time to give in, let go and recline.
Dizzy and exhausted I go home to sleep until breakfast.

It has been over 14 hours since I have eaten.
The only thing between me and blacking out was lint covered mints.

Tomorrow would be another day and I have a good book...

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