Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacation Stage Two: a little me time.

Let's get this party started.
After a few months of "togetherness"
it was time for a little silence.
I need a room of my own.

This year my adventures were different.
With busted up leg and ankle,
things had to be simpler and less grandiose. 

So I went with what I knew, 
and headed off to Namhae
for a little rest and rehab in the sea.

The traitorous leg.  Only useful for propping up a tired arm. 
As always, my first meal was street food. 
My favorite pension is humble, but filled with charm and delight.
First things first, sleep.
Second, write.
Third, get my butt to the beach.
How an Alaskan packs for a sumer day.
One of the things I love about it here, is everyone is in the water.
And that "everyone" included me.
The perfect energy food.
I could watch this all day, ALL DAY!!!

Nights are spent studying and people watching.
Small town life.

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