Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Wonderful Land of Oz!

Norma Jean joined the ensemble
not so long ago in a land called Anjung-Eup.
However, she ran away to star in her own drama
and give law school the old college try...
only to be side tracked by music and Bali.

We now join Norma Jean,
whose life is already in progress:
(This drama is filmed in front of a live studio audience)
Hello Australia!
 After being abroad for 3 years 
(and not having been home/ to a western country for 2) 
I decided to head off to Australia.

I lived in Bali for almost a year making my album, and came to Australia a few weeks ago to check out the music scene, play some open mics and connect with other musicians (hopefully to get a band together - but that's a whole other post!).  Hours before I boarded the plane,  I also lost my bank card, so this was a pivotal moment for me.  Realizing that I could stay in Bali and sort it out, or get on the plane, I chose the latter.  With grace, hope, $4 and infinite possibility I arrived in Australia!

The adventures have continued in Boomtown, also known as Perth, and they have been nothing but extraordinary!  I have experienced INCREDIBLE generosity, predictable selfishness and everything in between, have pet and eaten kangaroos (not the same ones ;), ridden a Harley, hiked in the outback, sang at few open mics (with a bunch more coming up), connected with the local music community and made friends that I will have for a lifetime!

It went a little something like this:
Kangaroos (the ones we pet!)
My new friend Stu and I 
playing at an Open Mic

Aboriginal Cave Art
They have NICE coffee (in the cutest cafes!)
The biggest lesson learned so far has been this:

The deciding factor in any experience is YOU.  If you decide things will work out, they will.  Choose your people discerningly, know that you are ALWAYS enough and that you carry the magic in you!

With LOVE from the Wonderful Land of OZ!

Norma Jean

Over the top - Nothing but BLUE SKIES :)

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