Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Know You, You Know Me...

 I hear people complain all the time that
"In Korea it's all about who you know"
as if it's a bad thing.

What, you would rather live in a place 
where the people you know don't help you?
Is that really the better, fairer option?

Honestly, is it such a bad thing 
that they trust the person they have met 
over a piece of white paper out of nowhere?

It just makes more sense,
to choose what you know.

And honestly, 
if you don't have the skills 
to get the connections,
are you really the right person for the job?

And what makes you more qualified?
Why should you be picked 
over a person who has put in some time 
and to build the relationships?

It doesn't bother me that this country
helps people they know. 
The truth is, 
it's like this the world over. 

You think it isn't?  
Well then kiddo, 
you don't know the right people.

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