Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Driving? Me Nuts.

All the teachers and kids came along.
 In my head, this was going to be an epic  
Blog Post of Adventure... adventure... adventure

There were going to be websites, pictures, bus routes.
I was going to explain negotiation tactics, 
offer advice on problem areas and suggest solutions.
There were dealers suggested and meetings arranged.  

You were going to know everything you needed to know about 
buying a car in Korea!

Then I mentioned to my boss 
I was going to buy a car.
That was the end of that.

Turns out her husband is a car dealer.
So, she asked,
"What kind of car do you want and what do you want to pay?"
Then she had her husband shopped for me.

Here she blows, the one that I like best.  No, I don't actually have a baby on board.
After about two weeks she sent photos 
of the two best options.
Then they dramatically dropped the price of the nicest car
 down to what I could pay.

It was a regular family outing when we went to see the car choices.
So, there you have it.  
How to buy a car in Korea.
Tell your Korean friends/boss/co-workers you need one.
A few weeks later, 
a car you could never afford 
magically appears at a price you can pay.
Oh, and then you go out to eat and celebrate.

My wonderful boss :)
My new keys.
My "new to me" car delivered to my office by the end of the day.
Of course, if you don't have a boss/friend/co-worker
I can recommend you buy near Anjung-ri Army Base.
They have a large selection of cars under $2,000.

There is a dealer there by the name of:
Mr. Kim
his phone number is 

I've known a number of people who are very happy with him.  He was also very polite when I had to cancel our appointment and didn't harass me like I'm used to having happen in the states.  Finally, his English is great so you should feel comfortable communicating.

Of course you still need 
car insurance. 
Korean Drivers License

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