Friday, February 22, 2013

But Wait There's More! Car Insurance Rocks

Notice the mapping detail. lol. We were in no mans land.
When it comes to life,
I'm not great with driving accessories. 
When it comes to my car
this means anything
that doesn't directly relate
to keeping my car
from running into/or being hit
by another car 
isn't a big priority.

So, things like:
keys, lights, door handles and locks
are all problem areas for me.

So, of course, the first thing I do
on my big day out with friends
was leave my car lights on.
There we were, on the outskirts of Suwon,
in an unlabeled parking lot with a dead battery.

Since folks here aren't the most handy
asking for a jump was out of the question.
So I did what every good foreign teacher does.  
I called my boss.
Who called my auto insurance.
Who called me.
Who I gave to the gate guard.
Who gave directions to the fix-it guy.
Who showed up 15 minutes later,
jumped my car,
checked my battery,
and did charge a dime
because this kind of service
is part of my normal car insurance.
 You heard right.
Your insurance includes Triple A
type coverage that is
prompt, courteous, and polite.

So how do you get this cool insurance?
 Contact this guy for that:
(PS 2015 and we are still using him.)
Sami was the easiest person ever to work with.
He just got things done without any silliness.
A few emails and a bank transfer and we were in business.
He can help with car and motorbike.

You can pay by the month, quarter or what not,
but paying a year at a time is cheapest.
 Just when I think I've reached
the end of the customer service rainbow that is Korea,
 I'm stunned by a new revelation. 
Turns out owning a car in Korea
is way less stressful than I thought.

 Most importantly though,
the company you most want is 
because they have 
English call and claim services.
You will get in an accident. 
Don't try to save money on insurance.

(For real, contact Sami for car insurance
Korean Drivers License

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