Monday, February 10, 2014

My name is Diego Burrito, you touched my food bowl. Now you must die.

Our little monster
Somewhere in the middle of all the craziness,
this little fellow found his way into our drama.

Rescued from death row by kind souls,
this little guy arrived on-set with a broken heart
and a rage to rival Inigo Montoya's.

Dinner time usually looked like this:


It was also clear how he survived in the clink,
He had the "crazy eyes" down,
and he hated if if we looked at his Janet:

When he was sleeping, and we woke him,
 it played out just like this:

 He feared everything from lint on the floor,
to a cloth wiping a window.

When the fear grabbed him
he shook so fast it has hard to focus on him,
his eyes would glass over,
and rage he would lash out.
He was crazed.

Training went a bit like this:

We were exhausted.
Yet, we couldn't give up
because we are a bit like this:

In addition, his violence caused him visible pain,
and that was enough for us to try harder.
So we changed ourselves.

We worked harder.
We chose not to be scared of him.
We watched 16 hours of The Dog Whisperer
and we didn't make excuses.

Because a little life depended on us
never taking the easy way out,
and we like happy endings.

Flash forward three months.

Now he is a happy puppy.
He no longer lashes out,
he just wants a cuddle,
and to be wrapped up 
like a burrito.
He still suffers intense night terrors,
but even his reactions to those have begun to fade.
Each time, getting a little shorter.
A little less violent. 
Was it worth it?
To have our lives turned upside down.
To sometimes fear what waited at home.
Yah, it totally was.
Because not only is he a better dog,
but we are much better people,
and our drama needed a love story.

If you'd like to add a new cast member to your drama
check out Animal Rescue Korea:

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