Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Give Me A Yard I'll Take A Garden

Living in an unfamiliar place can get the best of you in ways you can't really explain.  It sneaks up on you and attacks your thoughts and ambitions in subtle and annoying was.  A great way to combat the effects of our transplantation is to connect deeply with our food and our soil.  It might seem all hippy dippy, but it works. 

Taking out the lawn with our $5 shovel.
When we were searching for our home one of the biggest selling points was the fact they said we could garden as much as we wanted, and we wanted to garden a lot.  So when spring sprung we could wait to break ground in our front yard.  Thankfully, our landlord really wasn't angry when we dug up the front garden to plant our crops.   We were shocked they really weren't pissed to see nothing but piles of dirt.

In addition, we added a pick nick area so that we can BBQ this summer.  Can't wait to have friends over and see what we actually manage to grow this year.  Only half of the Expat Table team is actually any good at this.  It's truly a most exciting adventure.

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