Sunday, March 10, 2013

Re-Kindle A Passion for Life

Celebrating A New Adventure with a New Cover.
Chasing Tales says,
I'm super cute and fun on weekends." 

So, I'm just about the worst about
sharing things I've done
because I'm more interested 
in things that are yet to come.

Still, if you like reading this blog
the inspiration for the life I now live.

Not only that, but it's now available
Yup, for $2.99
(or more depending on
where you are in the world)
you can go on 
a virtual adventure and
support this blog and my coffee habit.

All proceeds from my novel 
go directly to funding ridiculous projects, 
supporting silly adventures and 
writing the next novel in the series 
"Lost Things".

WARNING: Side-effects of reading Chasing Tales have been reported.  Be aware that day dreaming, joy, inspiration and hope for the future have been reported by all readers.  Additional side-effects reported are: telling people you love them, wanderlust, inner reflection and motivation to try new things.  If you experience any of these side-effects you should immediately consult your best friend to discuss them in total, preferably over coffee at that lovely little shop you just saw last week but haven't tried yet.  If symptoms continue for longer then 3 - 6 months running away on an adventure of your own is suggested by 9 out of 10 professional vagabonds.

Good book
and happy reading.

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