Saturday, March 16, 2013


Two years have brought many changes.
My interests are more focused,
More and more time is spent at home,
and I find myself wanting to become 
a part the world around me
and not just an observer.
No, I'm not "signing" off blogging.

I've just decided to branch out and turn
into it's own thing.
My local community 
loves the food,
loves the recipes,
and loves the idea of sharing a table.
It's time the project stood on its own two feet. 

 In fact, since I have a private tutor right now,
I'm using the opportunity to become proficient
at explaining the culinary arts in Korean.
Last week I spent two hours explaining
the ins-and-outs of Spanish Korean Fusion food.
Funny how I can't explain the weather, 
but can easily discuss the details of curing fish.

So, in summery I'm NOT 
giving up blogging on Chasing Tales.
I'm just refining the conversation.
If you are interested in following my food adventure,
just join me at the
we always have room for one more.

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