Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Say Fancy, You Say Fency

Pyeongtaek Coffee

There are days when only 
high backed chairs and rich textures will do.  
Days when I wish I was in Russia with my family
sitting around the Christmas tree drinking hot cocoa
we've brought from the states just for the occasion. 

On days like that,
I go to Jung Jin Won.
It wraps around me like a big comfy sweater.

When I'm sitting in their burgundy velvet chairs 
thumbing through my thoughts,
I can't help but fall in love my crazy little Drama 
just a little bit more.

Beans from all over the world. The Kona are "Extra Fency". 
Bubble tea!!
The privacy for working is awesome. 

5 out of 5 on the *hand heart* o'meter
If you want to get your Coffee,
Do this:
Step 1
Look out from AK Plaza.  
Take the road that goes to the right of This phone shop.

Step 2
Turn right on the street before
system G.

Step 3
Take the HARD left at Mr. Pizza.
There are two lefts,
Turn BEFORE that red stand.

 It's going to be on your left about half-way down the street.

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