Thursday, December 6, 2012

How To Fix What's Broken

The Foot Shop - Not just for your feet.  Amazing sports massages that keep me walking.
 Sometimes you just need a massage.
You need essential oils and soft music.
And you need these things all by yourself.

Clean, Quiet and Beautiful
Since I have/had a broken back,
this is more of necessity, 
and they have to be very good and this places does a great job. 
In short, I need 
a massage therapist that knows their stuff.
I also need them to be affordable and not double as a brothel,
The Foot Shop is all of these things.

With massages starting at 40,000 
and excellent massage therapists
it's a no brainer.
I usually pay 60,000 - 70,000 for two hours 

Step 1
 Looking out from AK plaza,
follow the street to the left of this building
Step 2
You are going to walk on the right side of this street
until you see Caffe Benne on your left.

Step 3
There will be a waffle shop 
and then a shoe shop on your side of the street.
You have arrived!!

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