Sunday, December 9, 2012

Comfort Cabinet

$2 at Daiso. Use makeup sponges instead of brushes for easy painting.
A Drama's set is very important.  
It's as much a character as a place.
It reflects the priorities of the players,
and the direction of the story.
Which is why my Drama's set is always changing,
because so am I. 

Since joining Pinterest,
this evolution has taken on an a life of its own.

Starting with my Comfort Center
which holds all the things for making 
my winter days at home a little more fun:

One problem though,
its UGLY!!
and it makes my living room look like a college dorm.
However, no matter how ugly it is,
I don't want to spend money on it.
So, a quick look at the DIY porn on Pinterest
a quick run to Daiso, 
and three hours later we have this!

Painted the insides black and added a pretty paper to give contrast. Added extra storage below.
The room feels much more grown up and settled.  Less like I make beer runs at midnight.
Empty pasta sauce jars wrapped in juk calendars make the feet :)
I added a tea box to save room in my kitchen.  Also keeps my tea nice and dry.
It's true, me on Pinterest
is like handing a crack pipe to an addict.
I'm already looking at my rumpous room doors wondering,
"How can I make those prettier without losing light?"
Looks like I need to go check out some more DIY porn.

This Entertainment center cost:
$18 for shelf turned on its side.
$1 paint
$1 sponges
$2 for pretty contact paper
$8 for orange runner
$10 for baskets & boxes
$50 speakers
$5 Christmas decorations
Shot glasses gifts
TV comes with apartment
Cable comes with apartment
Internet comes with apartment
DVD Player gift
Misc decore student gifts
Booze gifts
Wine glasses gifts
Chocolate gifts
Tea gifts
Books brought with me
Feet recycled.
$100 TOTAL

Now THAT'S what I call comforting.

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