Friday, February 25, 2011

She Went To The Sea To See What She Could See

The first thing I wanted to do with my news eyes was see something new, so I walked to the end of town near my apartment.

Along the way, two old men eating raw fish and drinking soju asked me to join them for a snack and a drink.  Well, that's an elegant way of saying they beckoned me in a strange language then put chopsticks and a drink in my hand.

Nothing says breakfast like raw meat, booze and chili paste.

Honestly though, it was delicious.
 After I finished hearing about their knee surgery, the coolness of Sokcho and many other things (that I didn't really understand but smiled agreed too none the less) I headed on too lands end.

Peaceful and perfect.
Looking back at the city from the sea.
It's as lovely as it looks.
Nae-nae see's the sea and likes what she see's.
Since this place is near where I live I'll most certainly come back a lot.  
Can't wait to walk out on the rocks this summer.

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