Friday, March 4, 2011

Get In line

Ages ago, before the collapse of communism, my family started working in Russia and one of the best things I took from that experience was:

"If you see a long line, get in it and when you get to the end of that line, 
buy what everyone else is buying."

Last week I go into one of those lines and as I stood there - moving slowly forward - I had the chance to anticipate, and question and wonder at the things around me. 

It was discovery and anticipation in it's purest forms and as I bit into the buttery, nutty, tasty goodness it tasted of victory and passion and hope and all the things we want out of life but are afraid to savor because it would mean having faith and trust in the world around us.

As I savored my prize I realized that all the best parts of life start by just getting in line.  Eight months ago I got in line.  I had no idea what was at the other end, but I can say that sitting here in a sunny Sokcho cafe tastes of victory and passion and hope.

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