Monday, July 13, 2015

DUCK!!!!! duck, duck, no goose

Stupid grin, awesome food.

Pyeongtaek Restaurants
We love

Do you like duck? Do you love quirky traditional Korean foods with intense flavors?  Do you like to drink too much soju and eat until you are sick? Then the place is for you. As you might be able to tell, we are focused more on the duck and soju than taking pictures of the food.  I am now noticing this is often our habit when it's one of our super favorite places.

Now, this place is not for folks who aren't really sure about Korean food.  This restaurant is all in.  You will be eating lots of spicy foods as well as pig skin and jelly fish.  That said, all of the sides are excellent and we usually get refills on nearly everything.  I am a huge fan of their white kimchi and pickled items.  Also a fan of their pancake, fried squash, jelly fish.... ok fine, I'm a fan of everything except the salmon with a candied cherry and fake cheese on top. I have no idea what is happening there but I forgive them because the rest is excellent. 

Once again, this is a place where the food just keeps coming so be prepared to eat way more than you are comfortable with. Although they offer other things, we always order one of the duck sets where they bring you 4-5 courses of duck, each one different. I think we usually spend between $15-$20 per person depending on how many drinks we buy.

 This place does close pretty early, like 9:00 or 9:30 so arrive before 8 if you can. Oh, and it's located in the middle of an industrial area so it's a bit hard to find.  We usually stay for 2 hours at least. It's hard to move after eating that much food.

Address: It is near a Chinese restaurant 
and has one of those little traditional water wheels out front.

경기도 평택시 모곡동 (거리뷰)

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