Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Darjeeling Limited

 We often base our travels on movies.
So, of course, when we went to India
there was only one critical destination

Sure, they don't go to Darjeeling in the movie,
but that's not really the point.

Since we are on a budget, and trains are booked,
we decide to take an over night bus from
Kolcata to ____.

First leg of the trip: 12 hours
Worst "real" road I have ever traveled.
However, thanks to my years of training,
I slept like a baby.

 First leg of the trip: 3 hours
Once we arrive in _____,
there are only two options for Darjeeling
1) 9 hour train ride
2) 3 hour car ride

Because of time, we go with the car.
Because we have been on a bus all night,
we splurge so that we can ride alone.


We have arrived.




And now we must go.

 Happy New Year!
From our train seat to yours.

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