Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ratings Always Ruin The Best Shows

This blog is not supposed to be useful.
It's with great hesitation
that I include useful information.

Like many long running dramas,
popularity often dilutes the storyline
as viewers opinions become more and more
influential in determining the plot.

It would be grand
if I never knew the ratings.
If I could just write 
and think 
and have opinions
and pretend that no one ever saw them.

However, that's not really how blogging platforms work.
Every time I log in, there it is.
A graph that declares the winners and losers
and it compels me to be helpful.

Like the devil on my shoulder,
it tells me to add links 
and maps 
and accurate information 
because people are searching 
and needing 
and requiring.

But really, I just write this for myself
and the others in this drams.
So that we can remember 
the best episodes 
once our time together 
has gone off the air.

None of this is meant to be anything beyond 
the memory of my Drama.

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